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chefmalta has been selected to represent Checco il Pastaio, an exclusive fresh pasta producer from northern Italy, and J.Calleja Import & Export, as brand ambassador for the range of products, the producer and importer offers.

Checco il Pastaio, is a pasta producer blending Italian tradition and culinary innovation, producing fresh egg pasta, filled and extruded. Thanks to the highly skilled hand-made filled pasta makers, and the selection of the best ingredients and creativity, Checco il Pastaio satisfies the most demanding palates.  The star of our tables, Checco il Pastaio fresh egg filled pasta is hand-made according to ancient recipes. Compact and light, it excellently absorbs any sauce, and it is as good as homemade pasta!

In the case of non-filled pasta, the bronze extruded pasta (trafilata al bronzo), is the process by which the mixture used to make the pasta is passed through extrusion / compression through a bronze dye. The drawing thus gives shape to the dough but also determines its length thanks to rotating knives that cut the forged mixture that leaves the machine according to the desired length. The bronze extruded method - a typically artisanal technique of producing fresh pasta among the pride of artisanal pasta producers - allows the surface of the finished product to be porous and rough, which means a greater ability to absorb and retain flavours, varying from rich sauces to  succulent broths.

The bronze extruded pasta is opaque and rough, with the surface covered with starch powder, for a perfect marriage, for example, with a nice sauce of fresh tomatoes. Among the other advantages linked to the bronze extruded pasta, it must be said that the subsequently, the pasta maintains a greater "tightness" of the nutrients of the pasta and better organoleptic qualities of the grain raw material.

Checco il Pastaio Catalogue is available online for those who want to know about all types of Checco’s filled and bronze extruded pasta, but we are available to meet you and discuss the various seasonal and best-selling products.

We at chefmalta are in love with the artisan feel and genuine process and fillings of the product. We recommend Checco il Pastaio products to all serious chefs and restauranteurs, who believe in high-end produce to serve to their patrons.

We would love to hear from you, and invite us to come  make a free tasting session in your kitchens, to experience something that you can only define as 

Good as Home-made. - Buoni come a Casa

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