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Advertising on our site, will target directly culinary professionals and enthusiasts, together with professionals connected to the culinary industry, who on a daily basis visit our site, either to check about new services, new products, news, update their pages, or, are looking for to recruit new personnel , and personnel who are looking for a job change.


We target specific advertising, from job vacancies to hotels, restaurants, food related products, beverages, equipment suppliers and rentals, events catering companies, venue rentals, and other businesses related to the culinary industry.


We can tailor plan, an advertising package as per our client's request and also produce mail shots in our newsletter to our members, by email and to all our facebook followers.


Get in touch with us, to start planning a very effective and most of all, affordable advertising space on our site.


Hope to see your business advertised on our site soon !


Many Sincere Culinary Regards

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At chefmalta design, we offer personalised logo design for small businesses, organisazions and personal chefs logos, for chefs who want to put a signature on their product or media publlishing, such as websites, portfolios and other communication tools.


We offer very innovative designs, that will definately give the final product a very eye-catching symbol, and to be recognised with in future products.


CONTACT US to discuss a new logo design for your project or products.


Jo's Delights

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