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At CHEFMALTA Culinary Consultancy, CCC, we have the skills you need to develop and open your dream restaurant; to take your concept to the next level, or to support and inspire your present food-related business. Our experienced team of hospitality and gastronomy experts, are top executives ranging from five-star hotels , premium casual and fine dining restaurants, to mixologists and premium beverage specialists, to quick service airport eateries.  Our experienced culinary strategists can help realise your culinary dreams and aspirations. 





From multiple restaurant outlets to single unit operators, CCC has a proven track record of success with concepts large and small, across the mediterranean. Casual dining or five star hotel fine dining to Ice cream shop or quick service deli counters, let Chefmalta Culinary Consulting be your partner to execute an inspired, profitable operation.

Strategic Focus

At CCC our passion is the foodservice hospitality business! Our wide range of clients have been successful with our menus, guidance, systems and support in restaurants, hotels, quick service and fine dining. We have the experience to create your dream concept from scratch or fine tune your existing business making it even more successful. We can help you take your foodservice business to new heights.

Practicing of Experience

Our experience ranges from five star luxury hotel properties to re-branding single restaurant units. We have supported the single unit unique owner / operator restaurants to franchise owners groups of ten plus units. Our experience with a wide variety of operations, distributors, suppliers, and service providers adds another avenue to reduce costs and increase profits.

Creativity and Analytics

Get a complete and in-depth assessment of your business. We can analyse your menu both creatively and from a financial standpoint. We can give you a fresh perspective on sales mix to find efficiency and squeeze out additional profits. Create guest excitement and inspire current culinary staff with an injection of fresh ideas and new offerings that represent your brand. Together we can develop systems and tools that ensure your financial success.                                         +356 7752 4329                                       chefmalta

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Creating Menus & New Dishes

Do you want an exciting new menu using fresh and local ingredients? Need a few new dishes to add some new offerings your core menu. Chefmalta Culinary Consultancy Services can provide menus, feature dishes, limited time promotional items, or core menu dishes that represent your brand and fit your concept. We can refine or improve current offerings, create efficiencies, simplify or style menus and dishes to maximize equipment use or address specific regional preferences.

Guiding Openings and Re-Launching

Renovating or re-launching an existing restaurant is a huge opportunity for you to create a great new first impression. The down time can be a chance to retrain staff, finesse the menu or entirely rework your concept without the pressure of day to day business. Let us help you make a splash, standardize systems, and get it right as the doors open. Our experience in set up, organisation and layout are key to your re-launch success. We have successfully opened and launched numerous concepts 

Training Culinary Personnel

Chefs and kitchen team members are the life blood of any successful restaurant or food service establishment. Help your culinary team sharpen their skills or learn new techniques. Inspire seasoned culinary staff with training, fresh ideas or systems to make their jobs and kitchen operations simpler, smoother and more profitable. We can work with your existing brigade to transform your kitchen operation into something you can be proud to show off to your guests.

Advising on General Strategy

Take advantage of our years of operational experience and use a member of our team to access your restaurant. Let us make recommendations with key take away insights on opportunities on maximizing utilization of equipment, staff, refrigeration and storage space. Have us analyze the foodservice competitors in your market and identify openings for your business to excel. Sometimes even the best operators can benefit from a new perspective.

Implementing Systems & Tools

By implementing procedures, systems, and tools we can reduce slippage or shrinkage and give you more control of your business.  Understand your business and areas for improvement with inventory control systems, theoretical vs. actual food cost tracking and labour productivity analysis. We can help you standardize recipes, procedures and systems to maximize efficiency and create consistent repeat guest experiences while maximizing profitability.

Providing Operational Support

Perhaps you’re a long term owner / operator that needs just a little support identifying operational opportunities, efficiencies and profit potential. Maybe you’re a big picture visionary that needs a hands on leader to develop your concept. Operator hand holding is available working with you through every step from kitchen design and construction, supplier and service procurement, to grand opening day with as much or as little support you deem necessary.

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Recipe & Menu Development

Restaurant menu development is essential to any restaurant, whether you are adding a new item or a completely new menu. It not something you should leave to the inexperienced. We can give your menu a boost by providing cutting-edge Limited Time Offerings or new menu items to complement your existing menu. Our services also encompass operational assessments and enhancement recommendations. Our goal is to help you to become a more profitable and successful venture

Food Styling

& Photography

Chefmalta and Icam Studios Photography combine years of experience in food design, digital photography, and photo processing to bring your food promotions to life.


We provide culinary expertise that enhances your food styling project because for us, it’s more than a picture. We understand communications, advertising, and we know that it’s not just making a food shot look pretty but also understanding the important factors. We pay close attention to layout, composition, and marketing appeal including texture, tone, background, angle, and impact.


We are an all-in-one, cost efficient process. We are more than food styling. We also provide the art direction and we will work closely with your advertising or marketing group to define the communications objective for your project. Through our process of creating a communications brief – an articulated document that defines the artistic direction of the photo – we can ensure that all the details of your project are engaged, and that the shoot will be meticulously prepared for the utmost in efficiency.



Food has become the cornerstone of many lifestyles. In the corporate world, creating the right atmosphere with the right cuisine has fast gained popularity. You can also gain access to information and consulting services with regards to the food you serve in your organization, or at different organizational events.

With a team of talented chefs and food service professionals who have experience with some of the top corporate food service corporations and restaurants, you will be able to plan out and serve a menu that will appeal to people from across the globe. Availing of a food consultancy service that has had the experience of working with high quality food corporations will only serve to benefit you.

Today, more than ever, people are gravitating towards different types of foods. Trends show that many people are interested in vegetarian food. Interest in the use of exotic herbs and spices has also grown, increasing the market for ethnic foods across the globe.

Our food consultancy services will give you access to a variety of new and exotic foods and cuisines, which are gaining popularity and acclaim across the world. Your organization will only gain from our knowledge – helping you to reach out to your clients and customers by making them feel comfortable and at ease.

Contact us with your requirements for food consultancy services, and we shall be glad to help you incorporate healthy and tasty helpings of food into your organization.

   contact info :


Triq Dun Belin Azzopardi,

Mellieha MLH1210,


+356 7752 4329

If you would like to know more about our chef consultancy 

services, we would love to

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chefmalta culinary consulting

About Joseph Vella, Chef and Founder Chefmalta


Joseph Vella’s love affair with food started at a very young age, in his mother’s kitchen. She was a great cook and used to prepare the family’s meals from scratch. He used to watch her all the time, the love and passion she put in preparing our food. He started to believe that this was his life path and was soon attending the newly launched ITS. Mr. Vella's first stint was at The Arches in Mellieha, a post he coveted so much he was willing to forgo a pay check for. It was the epitome of fine dining and very few other venues could compete with it at the time. For a teenager whose passion was food it was like all his Christmases had come together. Not only was the everyday experience in such a sophisticated kitchen invaluable, but each February when the restaurant closed down for holidays, he would spend a few weeks in renowned, overseas restaurants to gain an even wider perspective of the art of dining. Joseph had some memorable sojourns in some of the greatest restaurants in Europe; La Marquette in Belgium, a one Michelin starred restaurant and the memorable Windows on the World, Hilton on Park Lane restaurant in London, the duplicate of the one in the tragic Twin Towers in New York, to name just two.


But at the tender age of nineteen, fresh horizons beckoned; the newly refurbished Corinthia Hotel was recruiting and Joseph found himself working for the famed German chef Thomas Gugler. The Corinthia kitchen was then taken over by former Harrods’ chef, John Hornsby, a great mentor who had an inborn instinct for food. It was during that time that Joseph won his first ever culinary competition. The Corinthia Group held an annual internal competition for its chefs and Joseph was awarded the 1992 ‘Chef of the Year’ accolade. Joseph Vella soon came to the attention of Silvio Briffa of the newly re-opened Phoenicia Hotel and was offered the post of Sous Chef. Joseph was in charge of the official re-opening lunch, under the supervision of Irish born chef Paul Patterson, where the guest of honour was none other than Rocco Forte, the owner of the Forte Hotel Chain and of course, Phoenicia. Joseph must have impressed him, for as a token of appreciation he offered him a fully paid holiday to any destination he took a fancy to. But Joseph had set hissights a bit higher than a holiday and requested a three week training course at the three Michelin starred restaurant of the then Hyde Park Hotel’s restaurant, simply named ‘The Restaurant’, run by the extraordinary, legendary Marco Pierre White, who was also at the time writing his bestselling book ‘Wild Food from land and sea’.  It was the ultimate experience, for young Joseph. Joseph’s career went from strength to strength, working in the finest kitchens in Europe and reproducing this knowledge to the Maltese public in local 5 star eateries and always with his original, unfading passion for food.


Joseph Vella led the National Team of Chefs of Malta as team captain and as team manager for 5 consecutive years, competing in the most prestigeous competiions in the world with success, and has been appointed Team Consultant and Developer for the Russian National Culinary Team to participate with success at the 2004 Culinary Olympics in Germany.


 But Joseph’s incredible tale does not stop there, his various international accolades are testament to just how much sheer talent and hard work can achieve. He was the brain behind the Maltese National team at the International Salon Culinaire where out of the team’s twenty three entries, nineteen were awarded gold, two silvers as well as gold for the Junior Chef and Senior Chef award. Joseph feels proud to have trained and mentored young chefs, that have become leading executive chefs and chef patrons in today's era. Joseph's teams always managed to stay in the top five rankings in numerous international competitions. Today, besides sitting on the judging panel of many international culinary competitions, Joseph is the only foreign ‘Maestro di Cucina’ of the ‘Associazione Italiana Cuochi Professionisti’, a title, which given that it has never been awarded to a foreigner, is quite an achievement. It is safe to say, that while it has not always been roses, Joseph has managed to cram quite a lot in this lifetime.

It is sheer near impossible to outline all of Joseph’s achievements, accolades and successes in just few paragraphs, but if he had some simple advice to impart to someone who’s just staring out, what would it be?

“Be passionate, work hard, be determined and always, always give your best”.

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