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The Disciples of Auguste Escoffier was created in 1954 by Jean Ducroux , chef at Nice and President of the Fraternal Cooks.

Through this fellowship, he organized a competition, the Grand Prix Auguste Escoffier. But no gastronomic association then existing in the south of France, he had the idea of bringing together chefs from major hotels in the region. They developed a "proclamation" that took place while statutes, ceremonial enthronement etc. 

A first Chapter was held in the early 60s under the chairmanship of Eugene Herbodeau . 
Escoffier who had worked with and wrote a book about him with Paul Thalamas , one of his other followers. Eighty Disciples were inducted that day. 

Disciples of Auguste Escoffier then developed throughout France and abroad. Jean Ducroux disappeared, different Presidents took over. In the '80s, Henry Ricottier contributed greatly to expand its influence: regional delegations multiplied. 

A new president was appointed, Jean-Claude Guillon, Chief of the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat. With the new Secretary General Bernard-Louis Jaunet and the Office of the Association, he undertook to overhaul statutes that were not consistent and rebuild a dynamic association, well structured, gathering all French delegations and foreign in the banner of the International Order of the Disciples of Auguste Escoffier .

In 2007, Jean-Pierre Biffi , chief executive Potel & Chabot, President for 15 years of the Paris Region Ile de France, was elected to the International Presidency with the aim of gathering the Disciples Escoffier worldwide modernize Disciples and the engage in a true " Spirit Escoffier ": 
• knowledge sharing, 
• respect for the culinary history 
• recommendation of its evolution:  "The kitchen will evolve as society evolves itself, without ceasing to be an art" wrote Escoffier, 
•  support a charitable cause .


At the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of February 3, 2008, the name of Disciples Escoffier International was adopted and the association was thus defined: "   Association for the transmission of culture and the modernity of the kitchen. "

The Association receives thousands of applications from around the world, but only the very best in the field make it to become Disciples of Auguste Escoffier. The applicants go through varies filters of Board of Directors, questions and compatibility, in order to reward the individual with the honour.


The Association has been spreading worldwide and new comers from various countries have been appointed the honour of Disciple. The Title of Disciple of Auguste Escoffier is still considered one of the highest global recognition in the Culinary World.


The first Maltese Chef to be awarded the Disciple of Auguste Escoffier title is Joseph Vella, from Mellieha, in February 2014, and was appointed Ambassador for the Association, and has the right to Select Nominations of Maltese Chefs , who will be chosen to receive the Title in the future.




Euro-toques Malta,is the Maltese office of Euro-toques International, the European Community of Cooks, which in itself is a  pan-European organization representing over 5,500 chefs and cooks, with national branches in many European countries. The organization was established in Brussels in 1986 by Belgian chef Pierre Romeyer of Le Maison de Bouche, a well-known three star Michelin restaurant.


The initiative stemmed from concerns about a potential threat to culinary traditions and food quality in the face of increasing European legislation and open markets.


Mr. Romeyer invited eminent and like-minded chefs from several European countries to join him in implementing his ideals. The founding members included Gualtiero Marchesi from Italy, Juan-Mari Arzak from Spain, Paul Bocuse from France, Cas Spijker from the Netherlands and Myrtle Allen from Ireland. Each founding then chef established a Euro-toques branch in their own country, selecting exceptional chefs to support them in their task.

Official recognition was awarded to Euro-toques by Jacques Delors, then president of the EC. The organisation is recognised by the E.U. as promoter of quality food and a lobby group on food related legislation.


Euro-toques continues to lobby at EU level through its international office in Brussels, while each national branch is responsible for lobbying its own government and state bodies, and arranging events and activities, to protect the food quality and culinary traditions of their country.




  • Article 1 : Euro-Toques International is a European association representing members of Euro-Toques chefs in all European countries.

  • Article 2 : Respect the diversity of traditions of the countries and regions in an enlarged Europe Euro-Toques aims.

  • Article 3 : The Euro-Toques chefs good relations between them and communicate to consumers, a single image of the association.

  • Article 4 : The cooks EUTO-Toques ensure common principles that all members share across Europe.

  • Article 5 : The Euro-Toques chefs reveal their best practices within the association.

  • Article 6 : Euro-Toques promotes a healthy diet based on the use of quality products.

  • Article 7 : The Euro-Toques chefs defend local products and traditional recipes, guarantee the maintenance of the diversity of European culinary heritage and sustainability of regional products.

  • Article 8 : The products used in the kitchen are fresh and are processed locally.

  • Article 9 : The products used are seasonal to respect natural cycles and ensure authentic tastes.

  • Article 10 : The Euro-Toques chefs advocate diversity of flavors, variety of ingredients and consumers have a healthy diet and a balanced nutritional intake.

  • Article 11 : The defense, information and education consommateurs.font part of Euro-Toques missions.

  • Article 12 : The truth of the card is essential to maintain consumer confidence.

  • Article 13 : The cook must keep total independence vis-à-vis its suppliers.

  • Article 14 : Transparency of the sector is necessary to ensure the safety of products whose path is known.

  • Article 15 : Leaders and tradition up with modernity. They convey the pleasure and conviviality: an art of living.



The World Master Chefs Society proudly boasts some of the most talented chefs in the world and is a leading International Honours Association for Chefs. We are committed to promoting the skills of our members and bringing them to the forefront of the industry.

  • Founded in 1947

  • Leading international society of world class chefs

  • 25 international chapters of elite chefs

  • Passion for excellence

  • Promote the art & science of fine cuisine

  • Celebrate creativity and reward diversity

  • Educate through demonstrations

  • Promote members’ interests and products

Our passion for excellence drives the society forward into a new era; bringing together traditional values, extensive expertise and modern day technology that contributes to maintaining high industry standards, worldwide.

If you are an executive chef and think you can go no further in your profession, think again. Your next step is to become a World Master Chef.

The World Master Chefs Society has developed into becoming the leading international honours association for chefs,

a society unique in recognising and rewarding the achievements of professional chefs.


Sharing of information

World Master Chefs have an extensive knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry and are always on hand to share information and experiences with each other.


Invaluable advice

Thinking of setting up your own business? Many World Master Chefs are successful proprietors of restaurants and catering companies and are sure to offer invaluable advice.


Networking Events & Competitions

As a member, you will be invited to attend all World Master Chefs Society events and be able to take part in worldwide competitions.


Merchandise Range

The World Master Chefs Society has an exclusive range of merchandise for members only.


Online Profile Raising

Society members have the option of having their profiles displayed on this website for exposure, if they wish to do so.


Assocazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani

APCI is a ' trade association that arises in view of aggregation and service, to create added value for the professional Italian cuisine that wants to find an environment in which to recognize, share their experiences and find new growth ideas and comparison .


It's an opportunity to increase its visibility and that of the place of work, to get a valid certification of their profession , to take advantage of a selection of the best jobs , to work as a testimonial of the Association in Italy and in the world , to represent the largest companies with which the Association works every day.


Members receive Right to receive - if they meet the requirements - Les Toques Blanches d'Honneur - Honor Hats - The Honour Professional Career that is conferred from 2012 to selected Chef, representative of the years of work that distinguishes the APCI professionals, both young emerging and renowned chef with experience.


Right to receive the Award of Merit Professional "Star Catering" Recognition of Merit professional annually conferred on those who work daily in the restaurant world.


Discover the last edition Participate in a calendar of events: contests in the warm kitchen theme; Reviews National, Regional and Provincial Cooking and Pastry; Competitions and Exhibitions of Artistic Sculpture; Finger Food league; the major competitions and international competitions.


Discover all our events Being selected as a testimonial and teachers for the many courses and promos created in collaboration with our partner companies. Discover the experience of Your colleagues, the next you could be you special benefits or gratuity for refresher courses and professional qualification

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